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Bump Stock Day is Readily Approaching

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Many of us will be pondering the trip to visit Trenton on the 26th, however, that is also National Bump Stock Day!   I am not a proponent of them and don't own one and I am sure that the Smurf would ban them if they are not banned already in New Jersey, but Americans need to be concerned with the precedence being set of this Executive Order.  As we are accustomed to, unconstitutional orders are being put in place to make law-abiding citizens otherwise enemies of the State in NJ.  However, this is on a national level!  The President has put forth what appears to be an unconstitutional "law" that was not put forth by Congress and has one of his unelected groups reinterpret the laws and will make law abiding citizens criminals and not provide them with compensation for their legally purchased property.   This does not appear to be a very good reason for this reactionary use of Executive power and further would be difficult to enforce and the penalties don't seem to fit the crime.   Many Americans are counting on Donald Trump to support their Unalienable Rights.   

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1 hour ago, sakkas said:

Its really time to demand our elected officals obey and respect the Constitution and bill of rights and those that don't should be bought up on charges of violating thier Oath of Office!

Unfortunately the only way it changes is the power of the vote. Nothing will change otherwise, barring a miracle at the SCOTUS. (Which I try to be optimistic of). 

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