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Up for sale is a complete Lantac Straight Pull AR upper. This upper has no gas system parts compatibility by design and is completely manual in terms of cycling the action.

The upper is factory built by Lantac (shows as part number 01-CU-18-USC-SP in their 2018 catalog). I bought this over a year ago when I saw it in a display case and it's spent the entire time sitting in the safe attached to a lower but never fired. I don't foresee myself using it, so I'd like to find it a new home:

  • $875 for a local pickup (Hillsborough/Princeton area)
  • This listing is for an upper only - no lower receiver is included in the sale
  • Parts List (100% Lantac)
    • 18" Lantac Raven Barrel (part #LA00237)
      • .223 Wylde chamber
      • 1:8 twist
      • No gas port drilled
    • Lantac Dragon Brake (part #DGN556B)
    • 15" Spada-M Handguard (part #01-HG-015-SPADA-M)
    • USC Side-Charging Upper (part #LA00276)
    • Radian Raptor Charging Handle
    • E-BCG Straight Pull Bolt Carrier Group (part #01-UP-SP-NIT-EBCG)
      • Carrier does not have a gas key (straight pull only)
      • The bolt comes with a couple different interchangeable handle








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55 minutes ago, silverado427 said:

 So is it a bolt action ar

Yes - You have to manually cycle the action in order to chamber and extract a round. It's actually a little more efficient than a traditional bolt because you're just pulling straight back rather than the up-back-forward-down motions of the traditional type.

There's no gas port in the barrel or gas key in the BCG, so it cannot be converted to semi-auto without replacing the barrel and the BCG

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