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Newbie reloading question... Berdan Primed?

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Bredan priming is used mostly in overseas. It has a double flash hole instead of the single center hole flashhider like boxer primed ammo.


A small copper cylinder formed the shell of the cartridge, and the primer cap was pressed into a recess in the outside of the closed end of the cartridge opposite the bullet. In the end of the cartridge beneath the primer cap was a small vent-hole, as well as a small teat-like projection or point (later to be known as an anvil) fashioned from the case, such that the firing pin could crush the primer against the anvil and ignite the propellant.

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My understanding is that berdan primers are a diffrent size than rifle primers and should not be substituded for one another, you should remove the berdan primer with the appropriate tool and replace it with another berdan primer.


http://www.surplusrifle.com/shooting200 ... /index.asp

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