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    • N.J. pays Second Amendment group (NJ2AS) another $87,500 totaling $230,000 in legal victories! January 18, 2020 NJ2AS News 0 Comment Uncategorized For the third time, NJ paid our legal fees for another Second Amendment legal victory. This brings the total that New Jersey paid to NJ2AS $230,000 in legal awards. NJ2AS attorney Richard Gutman, NJ2AS President Alex “Alejandro” Roubian, NJ2AS legislative advisor Robert Barush, proudly stand in front the check for our legal fees. In June 2019 the New Jersey State Police once again lost against NJ2AS in an 8-year-long legal battle to receive a copy of their investigative manual that is used while investigating firearm applicants. Shortly after, New Jersey, once again, lost a motion to have the State pay for our legal fees. The New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS) was awarded $87,500 for legal fees. In 2016, The Record stated: “The most expensive case in the documents reviewed by The Record involved the Second Amendment Society seeking firearms regulations, costing the administration $101,626.” NJ2AS President Alex “Alejandro” Roubian proudly stated “NJ2AS will stop at nothing, ever, until all unconstitutional infringements on our right to keep and bear arms in NJ are gone.  We will seek out and expose every violation, every person who is complicit in those violations and every government entity that participates and/or covers them up.  We will bring into the light the negative impact of NJ’s poorly worded and over-criminalized legislation. We will use any and all legal means available to do so.” Frank Fiamingo, NJ2AS’ former President (2010-2015) that helped spearhead this lawsuit stated “I would like to formally express my gratitude to Attorney Richard Gutman and the members, leaders and advisers of the NJ2AS that made this significant win possible. The attorney General of NJ and the NJ State Police have been put on notice that the firearms owners of NJ will not sit back while their individual rights are constantly being trampled. It may take time to fight the unfair and unconstitutional behavior of the three branches of New Jersey’s government, but we are in this fight for the long run and this win is only the beginning. Under President Alexander Roubian, the members and legal advisers of the NJ2AS intend to file additional lawsuits which we fully believe will be successful. We continue to ask for your support as the NJ2AS moves forward in the quest to further the legitimate right of individuals to keep and bear arms wherever they have the right to be. This includes the right of the individual to carry firearms for defensive purposes.” Governor Murphy’s administration did not respond for comment.     Another group that has done more for NJ Gun Owners than the limp dicked NRA!   Happy and Sad: cid:BD4934AA-D941-4662-9885-C84025A71359/bee9abe4-843a-7b8c-c590-12bd72f57196@yahoo.com
    • Put an illegal alien inside the same cage and the left would lose their shit. Put women's rights marchers inside a 1A cage and the left would lose their shit. Put Muslims inside a cage..... You get the idea.
    • GSSC is owned by several forum members/supporters.  We have a monthly shoot there as well. 
    • Both of the above locations are not too far away from me.  It looks like Shore Shot is more popular on Instagram and Yelp. But can anyone give any feedback between the two?   Thank you
    • It's not only a matter of knowing what they are doing, it is a matter of making remarkable progress in the face of unrelenting backstabbing and mudslinging from treasonous progressive slugs. MAGA!
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