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Very cool documentary on the AK-47

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2 hours ago, Scorpio64 said:

Germans invent super accurate StG-44,  AKA, the Sturmgewher

Germans loose war (Yay!!!)

Russia apes the StG-44 and makes it into a 25 moa POS AK-47

But it will shoot with an action full of dirt.

Wow, that was interesting.

25 MOA? 

Who pissed in your cheerios? =)

The whole AK is not accurate thing is grossly overblown and a lot of it is the ammo, not the guns. 

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Just now, Scorpio64 said:

And, they are fugly too.

Now that just crossed the line. =)

An AK is a gorgeous looking gun.

Of course this just points to... you're not a gun guy. =)

Real gun people don't pick one or the other... we appreciate them all.... (except maybe hipoints?)

The AK is perhaps the most recognizable and widely held firearm worldwide and has been involved in more armed conflicts than any other firearm... most of all, they fullfill their purpose well.

Complaining that an AK is not a tack driver is like complaining your Tofu Burger does not taste like a real one. lol.

But seriously.... who has fired match ammo through an AK to really say it does not shoot accurately?  No one complains when an AR-15 shooting American Eagle or Wolf does not group under 1.5"... 

Is an AK going to be sub-moa?  No... there are other issues, but you can get a 1.5 MOA gun with good/decent ammo.


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