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Dang LGS

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Ok, did all the mods I wanted to do. Now along with about 6 other guns, all needing to be function tested and sight checked, we are ready to go. Going to try make it this week. Range will think I’m nuts. 

The perfect home defense weapon.
New Troy sights
New adjustable SB Tactical stock
New Holosun red dot.
New Surefire Scout weapon light


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Whelp, hopefully final config is in and range time was met. 




1 - SA Saint Victor 5.56 Pistol

1 - SB Tactical Stock

1 - Troy Dioptic Backup Sights

1 - Surefire Scout with pressure switch

1 - Aimpoint T-1 2moa red dot...(may experiment with Vortex UH-1)

- 90 rounds down pipe using Magpul Gen3 Windowed Mags with 55 gr Federal fmj.

All fired from 10 yards, (some tuning after photo for better poi)...

This is my new go to home defense weapon. It is fun to shoot. Having a shorter barrel then typical ARs,  created no extra burden due to size. Easy to manipulate in and around corners.

It will stay stocked with Speer LE Gold Dot 64 gr.

Not one hiccup with feeds and ejections. 

Very pleased to say the least! [emoji1303]




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