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Home VPN recommendations?

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Intrigued by the NordVPM offer at 2.99 month for 6 devices.  But then I find that is for a 3-year prepaid offer.  I hate those because I forget and wind up getting dinged without realizing it.


Anyone have a cheap option without long term options?  This would be for personal laptops and such.

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I wonder whether just a VPN is enough to keep the home network secure. I mainly use a proxy server, but some of my friends advised me to switch to a paid VPN service.
To be honest, I don’t really want to do that because I’m used to isp proxies. This kind of proxy works well for me because it hides my initial IP and changes it with an intermediary IP that’s associated with an internet service provider.
However, after reading this thread, I realized it’s possible to use a VPN and a proxy simultaneously. Does it make the protection more effective?


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