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8 Samsung Smart Cams-SOLD

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$75 a pair per box. Two cameras per box, 4 boxes available = 8 cameras.
reduced to $65 a pair
Hillsborough, Somerset County
Cash, Venmo, Cash App, or Paypal.
These are great reliable cams and will provide you with peace of mind protecting your loved ones, personal belongings, your home or business.
WiFi or Ethernet capability.
Great for nanny cams for checking on the kids while at work. Checking in on elderly parents, Security for your home or set them up on your vacation home or trailer, so you can stay connected to what’s going on 24/7.
Has built in led Infrared lamps for night vision and is excellent in extreme low light conditions.
Free  app that works from your phone, tablet, computer. 
Save to your private youtube or Google drive
Two way communication with built in mic and speaker.
Motion or audio activation with notification for security.
They’re Samsung. Excellent technology.





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