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1.People who post here on a public forum that a particular out of state internet retailer does not collect N.J. sales tax which all but guarantees that the particular retailer will soon have legal problems and change its billing practices.

2. Individuals who post here on a public forum sufficient facts to actually admit that they have violated a criminal law involving guns or domestic violence or tax law or wire fraud.

3. Individuals who post on a public forum and go through great detail regarding their pre-existing mental history and then solicit opinions from non-lawyers as to what disclosures they should or should not make and then rely on those opinions. ( If you are dumb enough to do this type of post, at least do it as a hypothetical) Free advice on complex issues is usually worth what you pay for it.

Feel free to add to this list if you want



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Meh. People are extremely stupid in posting stuff in forums. May as well put a big sign in front of their trailer or whatever dwelling they abide in.  I gave up awhile ago, the coppers on this and other forii routinely advise the lamebrains that do this not to do it, but you cannot fix moronity.

I will add one, that seems to be a disease amongst millennials:

The dollar sign ($) goes in FRONT of the amount of money NOT AFTER $99 NOT 99$. When I see someone do this consistently I know they are a dope.

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