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    • It's pathetic how some people take a thread completely off the rails complaining about a patch, when the thread was started as a reminder to think about all 4 legged warriors. I can guarantee the whiners above never even when to the link to view all the photos. Really sad we have some posters like this on the forum.
    • These polls are designed to get a pre-determined result or to match an existing narrative. Most are designed to provide the required result for the person paying for them. The way the questions are worded is one key, and in what order they ask them. They can certainly "lead" the person on the phone to get the required results. There are some people that think these polls actually mean something. Yep, they get the easy pickings...
    • No, we have a living and breathing undead progressive virus unleashed on the populace, bunch of fast-moving walkers aimlessly wandering about listening to NPR, MSNBC, CNN, etc. and wondering where they will get their next free shit meal and not too worried about their rights to congregate.  Their idea is to destroy all logic and they are not concerned about due process on their victims such as eating the cerebrum before the medulla oblongata.  
    • Fuddesquely answered with deep thougths and conviction!
    • Do you really think Red Flag laws are going to stop the threat?  Slow it down, maybe.  But stop it?  NO.  IF  And, if you unjustly take someone's stuff away without due process you are pushing that much further.   Not only that, but where are the due process factors in Red Flag?  How does an individual get to react to this non-due process (absurd and unConstitutional in itself)?  Why is the financial burden of proof of innocence put on the individual?  How is the individual's legal property protected for damage and theft when collected and stored?   Where is the just and balanced approach?  Instead it is just tyranny and conditioning. Again, we find ourself focusing on the  inanimate objects and not the individual.  And, besides all that, these laws are not meant to solve our criminal and mental health problems, they are meant to give the State MORE power over the citizen individual which can be used and employed with little oversight or thought to the detriment of that individual and his or her freedoms, again tyranny and conditioning.  There are doubtless countless examples of governmental abuse of power, but specifically look how the last president and how the current Democrats are turning the instrumentalities of the government against individuals.  The balance should be in protecting the rights of millions of good people over a few scraps of presumed safety concerns.   No common sense with over-emotional reactions, and brought forth by those with an ulterior motive.  
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