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NJGF Invades Garden State Shooting Center 5/7/2019

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1 hour ago, Maksim said:

HAHAHa, I am doing the reverse... going through in my head what I have 10 round mags for. lol. 

I figure will be there around 6:30/7.  Will wear black NJGF t-Shirt or be the one talking to Tony or others. 

Just look for the guy squatting in the corner wearing a track suit.

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3 hours ago, Krdshrk said:


Unfortunately I think the only pics will be on Tony's security camera. lol.

There were some very nice guns. Loved @DirtyDigz STI 1911 in 9mm, @Averagejoeshmo's Victory 22.  @oldguysrule649 thanks for letting us use your Glock mags.  @CPRPE was great seeing you again and @XDJohnTact as always!  

I had three guns that were safe to bring to NJ, the TCR22, PC Carbine with Free Float Rail, and Shield EZ 380.

@tj462nj Thank you for hosting and offering the great walk on and rental rates!  

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Yeah, wish I had taken some pics of the guns but was enjoying the company and shooting too much.   Big thanks to all the guys for sharing their guns.  I really liked the new Thompson 10-22 clone and M&P Shield.  I had a M&P 40 when they first came out and was not a fan and moved on to my XD Tactical 9mm which is my go to gun.  The new shield was fun to shoot and very comfortable.

Dammit, I hate these Greet & Shoots!  Now I want to go get some permits and buy some new toys :).  I was planning on getting another upper for my AR build (but how many black rifles does a guy really need??)  Maybe a .357 wheel gun? Haha!

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1 hour ago, tj462nj said:

It was great to see some old faces & meet some new ones. Thanx to all who showed up. Looking forward to next month.

I might try to stop in to one of these events...    Would love to met some of you guys.

Soo...... Most important.... How was the after party?

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Too busy shooting, not enough time for pics.

Big thanks to Tony @GSSC for hosting us and Maks for setting it up, always good to meet more NJGF peeps in person.  Nice relaxed range session with lots of gun-swapping going on.  

Brought a newbie friend for his ~3rd time shooting, thanks for helping him with handgun technique Maks.  He wants to get his FID and some permits.

FYI, you can sign the recall Murphy petition at GSSC - they have forms for most NJ counties ready.  Don’t need a notary present, you just need to be a registered voter and provide your name and address and sign/date it.

Me and my friend signed it.

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