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Prp and stem cell injections for joints

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11 hours ago, anactivegrenade said:

Hey guys,

I'm a younger (mid-20's) guy with tons of chronic joint issues.

After a streak of "little tweaks" from strength training over the years, my body is pretty banged up.

I've had prolotherapy done on my wrists when I was younger due to laxity in the joints, and it actually helped and my wrists have been pain free for the past 8 years.

I'm currently going to see a geneticist to ensure I don't have any genetic issues (i.e., Ehlers-Danlos). Barring I don't have any genetic issues ... from there, I'll be seeing Dr. Marc Silberman in Stirling, NJ. He does prolotherapy, PRP, and stem cell.

Currently, I'm dealing with:

  • Right shoulder laxity + torn labrum
  • Possible torn lateral meniscus in the left knee
  • Possible labrum tear in the right hip
  • Lower back and upper back pain

you're not too far from me, check this place out 


they were one of the first to do this in NJ, very reputable

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8 hours ago, bhunted said:

You can do everything right and still get messed up. I weight trained for years. Did everything by the book. Still, got Bursitis, Torn Rotator (still not fixed), etc. The lower portion even worse. I was known as Mr Legs because I leg pressed 3/4 ton. Nobody could top me. I wrapped properly, unwrapped after every set, had spotters, etc... Knees went. Micro surgery on one already. It's eh, after all these years. Need a new knee on the other side. When you screw up one leg, you tend to favor it and it ends up screwing up the good side. Hips included. 

I would say half of my problems were from hitting concrete from 20ft and weight lifting. Between the 2, I have permanent nerve damage, screws holding my foot on and the rest are all compounded by everything that I mentioned and then some I probably forgot. Guess we are not meant to abuse our bodies after all. Even the beasts of the gym will suffer later because roids do not help long term. You will deflate and you will be still stuck with an over sized heart among other things. Not good.

That's what interested me in this thread. If I can get just some of these fixed without replacement knee surgery, hip, shoulder, etc. I'd be happy. But if it's not long term and not covered by insurance, it may dissuade me. I want  permanent or near, not a temp fix for that kind of money. Enough time just to keep me together till I croak.

Wow.  Thats deep.  Yup.  Also have the oversized heart from power lifting.   How stupid we were when we were young.  Hind sight is 20/20.  Now we just have to deal with our youth testosterone.  

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Great info on this thread about regen medicine and options.  I would caution that you research a regen specialist who focuses on your body part or your activity style.  Some of these regen clinics are generalists and/or jack of all trades and may not be the best option.  I met with some of the names mentioned on this list, and for me only, I thought I could get someone more targeted and focused on hips.  There are doctors at major research hospitals in NYC/N.B./Penn that do this kind of work and have extensive protocols in place for treatment and recovery.  Again, not saying any of the doctors mentioned are bad or not knowledgeable.  

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