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Training Vs Practice

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I’ve taken a few Northern Red Classes. They are intense. The physical skills they teach are excellent, but the best part of their classes are the lectures - nothing short of astounding. Their “Why we fight” lecture alone is worth the price of the class entire class.

This is a great short “pep talk” by Zach on Training vs. Practice.

Don’t get sucked into the images in the video. Think about the bigger picture and listen to the words - this isn’t just about CQB training, but can be applied to anything you want to learn, firearm related or not.

• Practice makes permanent, not perfect.

• Practice =/= Training and vice-versa. But they both have a significant impact in improving individual skill.


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That’s true, they do primarily focus on LE and Mil courses - especially in N.J. due to our firearms laws.

Look at surrounding states for more open enrollment class opportunities. If you get a chance to train with them, jump on it.

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