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Ray Ray

Dangerous range policies?

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17 minutes ago, BobA said:

It cracks me up how they call these videos “gun fails” instead of “stooge pit” fails. 

Ya ever notice the guns NEVER FAIL to fire?  Most of the time it's the guy doing the video that's the STOOGE :)   LOL!

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1 hour ago, JackDaWack said:

So based on this line of thinking should the range hire more RO's to keep an eye on new shooters?

The one time I shot at GunForHire… there was a line of very alert RSOs, equally spaced so that every port could be observed at all times... and offering polite, friendly guidance to those who needed it. (Emphasis on "polite" and "friendly" though... these were not Range Nazis). At first, I was really surprised at just how many RSOs were there (compared to other public ranges I've seen, they seemed unusually well-covered). But then, after thinking about, I realized that they have a business model that relies on broad advertising and they really seem to seek out the brand new, first-time shooters... so it's probably very wise that they load up on the RSOs. Each range will be different, I guess.


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20 hours ago, JackDaWack said:

At cherry Ridge, most days I go..granted they are off days... The RO makes rounds, we mostly regulate one another our selves. 

If you don't like something, but the person isnt breaking a rule, you take your things and leave.

Earl is a great resource & very knowledgeable.  Don't let your toes touch that line durin' a cease fire though :) 

If you don't like something, most of the time you can schmooze it with your neighbor (like flyin' brass hitting you for example), so no need to "take yer toyz & go home".  Lord knows Cherry Ridge has plenty of safety rules---and some could argue they're a bit overbearing---so if you don't "like" something maybe it's just because CR is all you know?  Go to an action match with everyone walkin'-around strapped or a 3-gun w/ long guns on tac slings AND a holstered sidearm.  CR members would quake in their boots :) 


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