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M&P Shield

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What is the best way to get a slightly lighter trigger on an M&P Shield and/or to lessen the over travel?  What would be the best aftermarket trigger, etc. to  accomplish this?  I was wondering if JB Weld or something like it would be a viable way to decrease the trigger movement.  Other possible things to improve would be a narrower and/or installing a flatter trigger.  It seems that the Shield Trigger has less uptake, initially, than other M&Ps, but has a longer follow-through.  

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Trigger return spring will get a *slightly* lighter pull. Same with striker block spring. The apex sear will get more noticeably  lighter pull plus a later break and consequently less overtravel. The apex striker block makes the pull smoother/nicer which feels lighter but it’s not 


1.0 or 2.0? The apex changes are more significant with a 1.0 I think 

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