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Lurker from 76 Exit 1C

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Lurker for a while and finally made an account to join in discussion.

Little background: I live right across from Philly and work right in Pennsauken. Been around guns and mainly collect older models. I've got a small collection of Mosins, a garand, Lee Enfield and I'm trying to find a nice arisaka or carnaco to add to it. Usually bear through the drive to Oaks for their shows and looking for a range to go to that isn't too far but in my neck of the woods it seems difficult to not have to load up for a journey that has a full rifle range. I look forward to joining some threads and even making some of my own. I'm not very well experienced with guns and the laws in NJ so I'm hoping to learn a lot too. Also looking forward to going to any events, seeing as shooting with others is always fun. Usually I drag my non-gun owner friends with me to the range, always great fun to see them learn guns, even got a lot of them to apply for their FID.

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11 hours ago, Maksim said:

Welcome welcome!

Collection of Mosins?  Surplus collector? =)

Yes! Some of my friends are like me and love bolt actions so they always request them. Good to have more than one.

Thank you everyone for the welcome :>

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