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Comes with 2 10 round mags, standard sights (not night sites), interchangeable grip and backstrap inserts. In great condition and barely used. Around 200 rounds through it. It's a great shooting gun but I never shoot it anymore. It's pretty much collecting dust. Selling for $450 + willing to split transfer fee.


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    • By Maksim
      Thinning the heard a bit. 
      Clean H&K P7 that I picked up some time ago.  Unfortunately this gun has been a safe queen.  
      Gun comes with original box, matching the serial number and 5 genuine H&K magazines which are now around $85 to $100 a piece.  Also including a new IWB leather/kydex Mackenzie holster.
      Gun was made 10/1986.  There is some holster wear consistent with the gun's military/police use.   Can keep as is or refinish in the future.  
      These guns are obviously no longer produced and have been shooting up in price and becoming collector pieces.
      $1,650 delivered to your NJ FFL, prefer NJGF Vendor.  Transfer fees are on your end.

    • By bcp281
      Century Arms RAS47 AK47 7.63x39 $700, excellent condition,  pinned slant brake, 16.5" barrel, wood furniture, scope rail, one 10 round mag, maybe 200 rounds through it, never cleaned 
      Molot VEPR12 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun with wood thumbhole stock, one 5 round mag $925 NIB yes it's NJ legal 
      HK VP9 9mm black $525 excellent condition
      350 rounds through it never cleaned, Factory glow in the dark sights (not tritium), box with 2 mags 
      Springfield PC9108LP 1911 TRP Armory Kote 7+1 45ACP 5" Package non-rail, night sights, with 3 mags, holster, double mag pouch, case, $1250 excellent condition 300 rounds through it, never cleaned or disassembled
      All NJ Gun laws apply. 
      Bergen County 
    • By ECsandstar
      After quite a while and plenty of talking about it(as some of you know, and are tired of hearing about my yearn for a VP9) i finally have an HK VP9 LE model of my own. I cant wait to put some rounds through it. Its is just a beauty. Makes me instantly want a collection of them. Long story short i am very happy!
      However...I was going through the manual and running through the info in the case when I came across the typical "spent casing" pouch. Its dated for a month out! As in July 2015! I found this weird. For anyone else who has purchased a VP9 or an HK pistol, do you know when the pouch/ casing was dated? Was the date pre or post you getting it? I dont imagine its of any real significance either way, just weird.
      Anyone else had any similar experiences with any firearm, HK or not?
    • By PD2K
      Was chatting with a buddy of mine at the range, who owns both pistols, and prefers the Walther PPQ just slightly over H&K VP9. Never shooting the H&K VP9, I was surprised by his observation due to H&K's rep. But his view was just that: people love VP9 over PPQ due to the "hype" and "rep" of H&K. Full disclosure: he is a H&K fan and loves his VP9.
      Question to those who shot both: forget brand name, which do you prefer and why?
    • By MandM
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