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6/4/2019 - NJGF Meetup @ Garden State Shooting Center

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Second time...



So who wants to go shoot but is too cheap or broke after buying new guns?

One of the things I wanted to return to, in part due to being jelly of how well @67gtonut organized the RTSP shoot and @Krdshrk and @sota do the regular NJGF clay shoots at Clinton.... is doing regular community meetups like we did 10 years ago when the site was launched.

The goal is to eventually have a regular weekday, once a week at least, at a range throughout the state.  The first one I was able to hammer down is right where it all started, Brick Armory, Garden State Shooting Center.  Thanks to Tony @tj462nj and crew,  GSSC is going to host NJGF members the first Tuesday of every month.

Best of all, Garden State Shooting Center is offering some AMAZING discounts for NJGF Members!

$5 per person walk on!  $5 gun rentals!  Member pricing on ammo!  

Furthermore, if anyone joins GSSC, they get 2 months free membership!

Thank you Tony and GSSC. 

I will be there at the first one and try to attend monthly.  Will try to bring some new fun and exciting toys for folks to try (that are Jersey legit!)

Range is open until 10PM so let's plan for 7PM?


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17 minutes ago, kc17 said:

Rental policy? I know some ranges will not rent to people there solo now.

Anyone know if they have a Sig P365 and/or M&P Shield for rent?

If I can make it you are more than welcome to try my 365

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2 hours ago, cabalrayz said:

is anyone going to this, only seen maybe 1 person so far.


3 minutes ago, XDJohnTact said:

I was hoping this was going to catch on again as well?

Ummm…. boys? Isn't this only like the 2nd one that's been announced? Recurring events often take a few times to build some momentum. So, if it's not that far from you, I recommend you stop waiting to see who else is signed up... and JUST PLAN TO GO for goodness sakes!!! Be bold trendsetters. :)

Then, afterwards, post some pics of the fun things you shot. Other forum members will see that and think: "I'm definitely going NEXT month". Voila!...Momentum!

Lakewood is a haul from me, and I have plans that night, but even I plan to hit that event eventually. Each month will probably bring a mix of new faces.


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