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Mrs. Peel

Sweden Embraces Prepping as One Part of their National Defense Strategy

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I came across this YouTube video - it was only released a week ago so it's quite fresh. It's a Dateline program profiling how the nation of Sweden has watched with growing concern as Russia has aggressively pushed into other countries in the region. This has given Swedish officials some (reasonable IMO) worries about a possible invasion of their own country at some point.

As one part of their larger strategy, the government has fully embraced the idea of citizens "prepping" - to the point where they actually widely broadcast a booklet to households about a year ago with practical prepping guidance and they are further promoting the message in schools. The message is one that encourages being prepared, self-reliant and re-learning old skills that have been lost to the modern generation (e.g., "living off the land", etc.)

I found it rather fascinating! Some thoughts:

  • They used all the same lingo as preppers here do. I actually heard these nice Swedes saying (in perfect English btw) "when the shit hits the fan", "bug out", etc. ;). For some dumb reason, I guess I thought of prepping as a uniquely American thing. Ummm… clearly not. Prepping is international, baby!
  • Programs like this always makes me "think" about doing some minimal prepping in my own household, though I have not yet "acted" on that inclination! I'm lousy "Girl Scout material" I guess... and risk being one of the first victims of the zombie apocalypse. :facepalm:
  • If you search YouTube for "Sweden, prepping" - there's a bunch of other videos that pop up, too - some from individual preppers with their own channels. It's definitely a "thing" over there. Interesting stuff indeed!  


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6 minutes ago, BobA said:

I must be so much easier for a government to spend time and money on that when the U.S. is your defense and you have practically none of your own. 

Yeah, correct me if I'm wrong... but at one point in the video one of their high-muckety-muck military guys was saying their military shrank from 700,000 at it's peak to 50,000 (including their civilian force/like our national guard). I will go back and re-listen at some point, because my gut reaction when I heard it was: "well THAT sounds awfully irresponsible". LOL, no wonder they want their people to "prep" - sounds like they've left themselves completely vulnerable (if those numbers are indeed correct)… and they know it!

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If society were to breakdown Sweden would collapse within a month. Would be One of the first places where people would turn feral. It's already happening in some countries in South America.  Our media isn't gonna shine a light on that. 

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