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    • Well our new Judge appointed by President Trump, Judge Bibas, had a great line in his dissent in the NJ Rifle Assn. about magazine size. The logic of it just boggles the mind. Now this case only had a 3 Judge panel and of course 2 Obama Judges voted against him. If the size of a magazine can make a difference in the hands of a mass shooter, Bibas notes, it also can make a difference in the hands of a law-abiding person using a gun in self-defense.
    • I brought quite a few guns with me when I moved to NJ in 1996. They were all legal.  If you get a Florida ID and plan to be a resident in Florida, Florida considers you a resident.    If you live in NJ, NJ owns you and will hound you to the end of the Earth on taxes. So the bottom line is, if you _LEGALLY_ acquire a firearm in a different jurisdiction, such as Florida, you may bring that firearm to your residence in NJ.   Here's the rub.  If you have a firearm as a resident of NJ and no history of being anything other than a resident of NJ, you definitely need to be able prove how you acquired the firearm.   I have years of Tax returns proving I was a resident of Ohio.  I can't show up with a Gen 5 glock and they don't have any record that I used a permit on it but claim I bought it in Ohio 25 years ago.  The math doesn't work. But all the guns I acquired in the 80s and early 90s are A-ok. If I were you as a younger person, I would move to Florida and make your life there.   You'll be much better off in the long run.  You get a bit older, you buy a house and NJ will bleed you for the next 40 years.  
    • Yes. My bad. I am not a Florida resident. I meant I would be treated like one under their laws and wouldn’t need to present an FID. You’re correct.    To clarify — Since I I was denied an FID, for what reason, i don’t know, but still acquired a firearm legally in Florida, I could take it back to my NJ primary residence and keep it here legally.    Is that correct in your opinion? I plan to call Nappen and the NJSP in the coming week to further clarify. Figured I would run it by you fellas first to not seem like a total clown when asking. 
    • I'm still working, but nonetheless, I planned on potentially not working so we are extending our balcony by 30 inches. Pulled down the railing which we custom built over about 2 weeks.  It took 2 hours to remove, lol. Removed two rows of flooring started hanging lumber.   I've got a bunch more to do yet.    
    • Unlike previous first time posters, he never mentions he's a gun owner, or he is about to buy his first gun.  He may be oblivious to NJ gun laws (huh?) and is about to get a rude awakening!
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