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Virginia Homeowner fire 39 shots at intruder, and misses on every one

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11 hours ago, Sniper said:

Seems like a bunch of people are questioning this story. First, the 39 shots... The family put up a Go Fund Me page to collect donations to help with costs... Strange, they just moved into this "new" home a day ago, yet can't afford meals or a hotel room temporarily... Plus, the husband posted on the GoFundMe page that he was shooting to stop the intruder, and he's a very good shot. So people are asking... Really... 39 shots and not ONE hit...

The GoFundMe page has only $360 collected in three days... something doesn't add up....


I did watch a video of the mother and she looked about as poor white trash as they come.  Probably a HUD loan on a property they can't afford.

Checking Zillow, the cheapest property I see in Chesterfield Virginia is 207k, most averaging about 350k and a ton of properties 650k+ to well over a million.

If you can even get a loan on a 350k house, you can afford a hotel for 6 weeks.  

It looks like about $1k in damages to me.  A window, some drywall, simple green, rags, a broom and a shop vac.   There is no structural damage to a home from a pistol.  This isn't  that Eastwood movie "The Gauntlet" .






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2 hours ago, Zeke said:


This guy was a slacker.. had he listened to the correct people here, and outfitted his H.D. weapon like the picture below, he would have hit with all 39 shots... Then he wouldn't need the NV gear..


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