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If you are looking for a black one, Sportsman's warehouse has a few in stock.  Ship to your FFL.  $199.99


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    • By Matroskin
      Need help deciding here:
      I'm torn between Ruger mark IV and SW22. Want to buy a universal gun for Bullseye and Steel Challenge, so it has to be bull barrel or similar.
      I like stainless steel Ruger and million aftermarket parts available but I don't like grip angle (22/45 fits better but it's plastic) and the fact that barrel is the firearm. So every time I would think of a new barrel it will have to be a new set permits....
      On the contrary SW22 has less aftermarket support and somewhat strange grip  - the angle is fine though. Plus its cheaper.
      Your opinions? pls?
      thanks in advance.
      P.S. Buck Mark is out - don't even bring it up :). I own Buck Mark, i like the way it shoots but the takedown process can be painful. last time I wanted to clean it i stripped the hex screw and had to go to a gunsmith . Also, little aftermarket options and harder to find parts. 
    • By alec.mc
      ICORE ( International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts ) Is hosting their Championship match , The IRC - At Ontellunee Rod and Gun Club, New Tripoli PA on Sept. 12th - 15th 2019
      ICORE is a Revolver only competition that implements time plus scoring on NRA D1 targets. It's " Run and Gun " format is similar to USPSA / IDPA but only features 4 revolver only divisions which are comprised of:
      Open - Anything goes, red dots, ported barrels, 8 shot revolvers
      Limited - 8 shot revolvers , Iron sights , no barrel ports / comps
      Limited 6 - 6 shot moonclipped guns, Iron Sights 
      Classic - 6 shot speedloader guns, Iron sights.
      There is room for all levels of competitors in ICORE, you can learn more about ICORE @ www.icore.org or feel free to chat with me about the match or sport. There is also an ICORE Facebook group with lots of useful information @ https://www.facebook.com/ICOREshooting/
      If you'd like to register for the match you can do so at https://practiscore.com/icore-2019-international-revolver-championship-irc/register?fbclid=IwAR2H9MJoNZl7mKxthg9GuHtzyF3AGW1P-GB5m8UuOjB2191wYcmXMi2nsI8
      -Alec McMahon
      ICORE Board of Directors North East Region. 
    • By Maksim
      Some of you were aware or may have caught my post discussing some long range guns.
      Early last week I had the pleasure of being flown out to the middle of nowhere in Texas, to the FTW Ranch, to shoot some upcoming rifles in a joint event with Ruger, Leupold and Hornady. 
      Most of the guns I have shot are not yet released and cannot talk about them, but one of them, I can.  It is the Ruger Hawkeye Long Range Target in 6.5 PRC.  The gun was released at Shot Show, earlier this year and is now available in 300 Win Mag, 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 PRC.  
      The event was really a 3 day shooting class where we used the new firearms.  They were brand new, and in a few cases prototypes.  They were production guns, not messed with and were straight out of the boxes.  We shot the guns at ranges from 250 to 2,300 yards with Hornady match ammo.  The optics were Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25 scopes.
      Working on the full video but here is a teaser of me shooting it at 1,200 and 1,400 yards.  1st shot hit on 1,200, took 2 on 1,400.  Unfortunately did not hit at 1,600 as the round was no longer supersonic and the winds were hell.
      I was just blown away personally, that a gun with a $1,279 MSRP and a $1,000 or so street price was good enough to maintain sub MOA at those distances.
    • By Swizz70
      Selling this barely used mint condition Taurus .357 matte stainless steel, 7 shot revolver.  This model is factory ported with Taurus rubber "ribber" grip.  Asking $395.00
      Model: M627CP   Finish: Matte Stainless Steel   Caliber: 357 Mag / .38 Special   Grips: Ribber   Capacity: 7   Weight: 28.8 oz   Rate of Twist: 1:16.5"   Barrel Length: 4"   Height: 5.40"   Porting: YES   Frame: Compact   Width: 1.531"   Action: DA/SA   Front Sight: Fixed                                                                                  

    • By Maksim
      Another one of my guns that has been a safe queen for many years.
      Smith & Wesson Model 686-6 revolver. 5" barrel.  7 rounds, 357 or 38 special.
      Gun came original with front HiViz sight and very nice contoured wood grips.  
      $700 dropped off at your local NJ FFL, preferably an NJGF vendor.

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