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Welcome Dark Storm Industries!

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Wanted to be the first to say "Hello and Welcome" to the latest NJGF community member, Ed  @Dark Storm Industries.

While many of you may already be familiar, for those that are not, DSI is a leader in the compliant rifle space, making the best out of a mediocre situation.

One of the most recent firearms is the new Non-NFA firearm that was blessed for NJ and for which there is a specific NJSP letter.

If you have not done so already, check out the dedicated NJ web page, https://www.dark-storm.com/new-jersey/  to see a copy of the letter and all of the NJ compliant models.

I am looking forward to thoroughly testing one of the rifles in the immediate future!

Welcome Ed and thank you for supporting the community.

Make sure to take a look at DSI rifles at your local dealer and make sure to ask them to carry DSI guns if they are not doing so already!

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I don't understand why can we get these short AR's from any company? What is the difference if it is matching their liberal/crazy standards? NJ is large market of AR lovers, tons of people with good or high income. I would personally get couple of them but I prefer to pay for what I like. Thanks for Dark Storm and Troy for braking this blue wall but we need more! :)

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You can, but it has to be manufactured as a firearm non-NFA and sold complete. Most big manufacturers don't seem to want to offer them because the demand / volume is too low to justify.  Thats where we have made our market. Serving the markets the big guys don't want to. We do have a custom shop at DSI and can build you almost anything you want. What are you looking for. 

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Purchased DS9 Typhoon NON-NFA from Tony @ GSSC,  1-7-2020  chose it over the troy due to trigger and mag release operation, trigger was smooth and crisp good break, mag release was smooth also easy push and dropped right out. 

Mounted a Tasco propoint that I had sitting around and sighted the DS9 in.  After sighting in was easy peasy to shoot bullseye @ 20 yds at GSSc's indoor range.  

Overall it was a pleasure to shoot all went smooth right out of box.

other firearm.jpg


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    • My understanding is the text in brackets is being removed and the underlined text is  being added.  So 7 months or when the state has their databases/systems in place, whichever comes first. I am concerned that online dealers may decide the reporting requirements (as opposed to just requiring copies of FIDs) are too burdensome and not sell to us at all.        
    • Whats the story with references,  are family members allowed or just friends
    • See the disclaimers on GHF web page and RTSP...........this is some stupid shit to run a qual course without any standards and take money............
    • Here is a good take on the situation from a thread on ar15.com about the NY restrictions but applies to N.J. as well:   "What you are seeing is what has happened in every other state that has passed shall-issue concealed carry.  Not to the extent NY is going but similar.  The people inconvenienced will complain and changes will be made.  Then lawsuits will happen and then more changes are made.  Then as people adjust to the idea of "people walking around carrying hidden guns" more changes will occur.  My state has had concealed carry for decades and we are still tweaking the law." "Back in 2000 when Michigan was trying to go from may-issue to shall-issue we had a state level pro-gun organization trying to kill the bill for the exact same reasons you mentioned.  The people with connections had permits and very few restrictions.  They threw a fit that going to shall-issue would result in a more involved process, a higher fee, and more restrictions on where they could carry.  They had the "I got mine, fuck everyone else" attitude that you seem to have.  Shall issue passed, barely.  Counties like Wayne County, where Detroit is, dug their feet in and refused to issue any permits for almost a year.  Multiple lawsuits had to be filed against them.  The legislature has gone back many times to tweak the law, remove restrictions, and make other changes to improve things". "Baby steps, just like how the Dems take away our rights, is how you get the restrictions removed.  The big hurdle is getting shall-issue allowed.  That is still a huge win for NY.  Then you go back and get the restrictions removed".     .  
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