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Canik TP9SFX, is such a nice gun!

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Canik TP9SFX, is such a nice gun! Especially for the price! I picked this baby up with the vortex venom as a package new for just 530.00! Finish is clean, controls, grip texture is really good and feel in hand is really nice. Looks heavy for its size but its very light. Build is high quality not cheap feeling at all. Good looking gun especially in person. The trigger is incredible it actually feels a little nicer, crisper and lighter than my cz p10c trigger. I was gonna get the fde version it looks very nice in that finish, but I couldn't do it, I'm a scarey black gun type of guy, but this tungsten grey looks good, and tasteful. I Will take her to the range asap and being back a report. I wanna thank tier one defense for another flawless transfer and handling compliance work. 













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Build quality is a lot better nowadays from Turkish manufacturers.

Only downsides are 1. Turkish... (are you okay buying Turkish?)  and 2. Will they be there in 5 years to stand behind the guns?  Part of what why you are paying less for it is that it is not a Ruger, Smith & Wesson or Glock... companies that have been there and will take care of you, even if you are not the original owner of the gun.

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41 minutes ago, SJG said:

They have a massive recall posted on their homepage

Wow!   They screw up and manufacture a gun that once dropped, the internals can get screwed up and the gun becomes unsafe!  Keep dropping it and it will go off on it's own.  But the owner must give a credit card and pay shipping charges, plus...

Note: Residents of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Indiana, California, Connecticut, Washington (State), Washington DC, Hawaii and Illinois are required to return firearms through an FFL holder.

That is a further expense and more aggravation. 

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Recall (actually, "Voluntary Upgrade") is from Sep. 2017.  Pistols manufactured after that point have the upgrade parts..

@david8613 , check to see if your serial # is affected:


From my read it takes repeated drops to damage the internals to the point where it might discharge on a subsequent drop.

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    • A person exercising their rights, breaking no law should not have a gun pointed at him. Care to explain how that is a strawman? The IRS is different?  How so?  A man following the law (the deputy) oh I can't be here with my gear?  okay i'll leave.  Rentacop procedes to point gun at a non threat.  And you think this is completely different?  Technically the rentacop was fired, arrested and charged.  Technically the deputy wasn't. So in your opinion anyone perceiving a threat is justified in taking lethal action against the perceived threat.   So when I see a bunch of guys in vests and black BDUs and cattying sidearms, i would be justified in pointing a gun at them?  Every Tuesday at lunch.  Funny how i am able to resist.  Man i dont even call the cops. Champion? No.  Support a person exercising their constituional protected rights absolutely. So your stance is  "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it. Unless I disagree or it might cause someone distress" My stance stops at the period.  
    • Strawman, again, really? Cant simplify it any further for you. I think you get the points made but it breaks your argument so here we go, strawman again.    You brought up the IRS guy. How about an actual response to my comments. Here they are again: But if you are referencing the guy that drew down on the local deputy at the IRS, guess what, he was actually correct that local LE does not have the authority to be armed on federal property. As I understand it that is the actual law. So now what? His judgement was poor but technically correct? Following your logic I would expect you to actually be siding with the security guard because the LAW says the deputy cannot be armed on the premises and the guard was following the law. BUT reasonable judgement would dictate no real threat existed. This is the exact flip side of wallmart. The deputy technically broke the law but was clearly not a threat. The "auditor" was within the law but one could easily articulate he looked like a threat given the totality of the circumstances and the timing of the Texas Wallmart shooting.  
    • Well isn't that great as long as you agree with the point of view all is wonderful.  If you don't agree its okay to shoot them.  
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