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I have for sale a lightly used    10/22 .  PM for contact.          I would like to keep the transfer local.     

It has a some aftermarket parts in it. It comes with 1 mag  And scope mount.

The back of the receiver is drilled to help make cleaning the barrel easier it has a push in plug to cover the hole.

Also the bolt is radiused and has a poly bolt buffer.

Volquartsen      Auto bolt release. Target hammer kit,  and Extractor

Kidd firing pin, 

Price is $ 215.00    It now has the hardwood stock on it  



  also extra mags are available $






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    • I have recently updated (clean install) to Windows 10 Pro from 7.  This PC is a desktop without a touchscreen, is not on a domain, the user account is a full administrator account, not the default limited "administrator" account, and the user account is a local account.  On at least Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003, and Server 2008, when users are required to enter CTRL ALT DEL to log in/unlock, and a screensaver is active when trying to unlock the PC, pressing CTRL ALT DEL will immediately deactivate the screensaver and bring up the password prompt.  On Windows 10, same scenario, pressing CTRL ALT DEL only deactivates the screensaver, acting like simply any other key press and only showing the lock screen, forcing users to press CTRL ALT DEL a second time to get the password prompt. Besides the fact that Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, constantly "improves" "features" by making them worse or more annoying, am I missing something?  I just want CTRL ALT DEL to work as it has for the last 20 years - pressing any key should instantly deactivate the screensaver, and CTRL ALT DEL should immediately bring up the password prompt on a locked PC.  Netplwiz > Require users to press CTRL ALT DEL - checked GPEdit > Do not display the lock screen - Enabled or disabled has had no effect, have not found any other relevant settings Screen Saver Settings - On Resume, display login screen - checked (no difference if unchecked) Don't think I've done anything in regedit that would have any effect on this. Settings>Personalization>Lock Screen > Show lock screen  background picture on the sign-in screen set to "off" It is possible I've missed or messed with something in "Settings" somewhere, but nothing stands out in my memory.   So is this just a new "feature" I have to retrain 20 years worth of habits, or is there some stupid setting I am missing?  Google has been utterly useless so far.
    • The new jl can fit 35's stock. Don't even need a lift.  My 2014 required 2" of lift and flat fenders. ROCK Krawler springs and tetraflex trackbars plus their upgraded steering links. I stayed low CG and spent the money on full belly skid system from rock hard 4x4. 
    • I have a 2016 Jeep JK unlimited and love it, even more than all the pickup trucks I’ve owned. Being able to lock things up with the hardtop also played a role in that. Plus being able to take the top and doors off is golden, not to mention the true off-road capabilities 
    • I have owned nothing but jeeps.  If you've never owned a wrangler and just want something to have fun with you'll be happy.  If you're looking for a daily driver or commuter vehicle, get a Kia.  
    • Posted today on their FB page ... We had our final inspections today. We have to fix a few small things but we will be ready for re-inspection early next week. After that just waiting on our governor....
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