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IDPA at Old Bridge?

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They shoot the second Sunday of the month. Hammer down at 10 AM. August match (8/11) shows on the Events Calendar. Match Director is a good guy - former participant at Somerset.


Pizza Bob

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Thanks Bob, I don't know what's going on with my PC/Browser. The Old Bridge website event calendar is blank for me and I can not find them on the practiscore site either. The link to practiscore from the Old Bridge site are broken. https://oldbridgeidpa.com/ is where is says next match in March.


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1 hour ago, kc17 said:

I finally found them on pratiscore and "followed" them, so in theory I'll get notified when they schedule one.



Every 2nd Sunday of every month (12x a year) unless weather prevents it.  At our outdoor range.  Bob (the Match Director) has a Co-Chair (Mike).  Mike is a retired Sgt. w/ Kearny PD w/ 28 yrs on the job, and then went to work for Homeland as a contractor & guard.  Now retired, Mike is one of my pistol-craft mentors.  As a fellow Match Director of PPC at Old Bridge (Police Practical Pistol---don't have to be LEO), I HIGHLY RECOMMEND shooting this match!  Open to non-members for the standard $20 non-member rate set by the Bo. of Trustees.

Have fun & be SAFE!


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