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NJGF Shotgun Shootout - July 27th

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It sounds like everyone who was able to attend enjoyed some really nice weather and had a good time busting clays, as well as plinking.  I was out at LVSC on Thursday doing the same, but was unable to join all of you yesterday since I had already committed to a round of golf.

I look forward to the next shotgun shootout in either August or September.


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On 7/27/2019 at 9:19 PM, Krdshrk said:

Plinking afterwards went decently.


My target stands are famous now!

For future reference, I usually hit up rimfire range after clays and do have a hunting license, so if there is ever interest, please say something. I do only have 2 target stands (as seen in background of the above video) however, so you may need to bring something like a cardboard box to shoot at.


Don't think I posted her after the event, but as always, it was great to see everyone and I had fun. Thanks for bringing canopies - woulda been a much shorter day otherwise...was plenty hot.

I do feel there were not nearly enough shirt changes, someone should do something about that.


Hope some of you who couldn't make it get to come out next time.

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6 hours ago, Sota said:

I thought about this at one point while we were sitting there; why wasn't at least one pop up over the shooting position?

Is there a range rule against it?

Or why didn’t we shoot from the covered tower?

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17 hours ago, Kayakguy said:

Pleasure to me you Zeke.  Looking forward to your next shoot. Lurker Steve

Not a lurker anymore!.. very nice, welcome to the forum Steve. It was nice to meet you last week.  Your Atlas clay thrower was awesome and I appreciate you letting me shoot a round with it. I handled the wobbler on the whirlybird without issue but that extra axis on the Atlas was a whole new level.

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