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Wright Museum of WWII gun ban!?

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I'm shocked and appalled that this is happening.  I have a friend who is a fellow WWII reenactor up in NH, and he posted this.  He's involved with the museum in question and this is messed up.  I'm copying & pasting his own words.  Read on at your own peril... and then please share and write to them!

"So it turns out the majority of the Board at the Wright Museum of World War II in Wolfeboro, NH have gone through with a gun ban on museum property. This prohibits members of the public, re-enactors, or museum volunteers from holding or possessing guns or edged weapons real or fake all due to a false claim for better image for the museum and "safety". The good members of the board fought hard but were highly outnumbered. I myself a volunteer and re-enactor am now prohibited from doing what everyones been doing for years there as a constitutional right and as part of living history displays. Also included in this gun ban is the deactivation of all firearms in the museum collection including some valuable weapons such as the German MG-34, American M1941 Johnson rifle, and many more are at risk of destruction by means of deactivation because of a half wit policy. Please show support by making your voice heard to the museum to tell them destruction of constitutional rights and WWII history is not permissible! It agonizes me because this museum has been a place of nostalgia and fun for years for myself and many others volunteers or not. We also are prohibited from using blanks in the main guns of our tanks for living history events from now on as part of this ban. The director claims he respects the memory of those who fought in the war, yet by destroying artifacts and ignoring freedoms we know this to not be true. Please help us out by sharing this message and contacting the museum to show the executive director and the board majority that there are many of us out there that actually care about protecting freedom and history!"

Wright Museum of World War II contact info.

77 Center St, Wolfeboro, NH 03894

Fb page:

Museum Phone number:

Mike Culver, Executive Director contact info:

Email: michael.culver@wrightmuseum.org

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This makes sense. Obviously closing the Museum-loophole is critical to the safety of NH residents.

At least this board is still admitting that WWII happened, and soldiers fought with guns.  I’m sure they’d update the iconography to show the storming of Normandy with rape-whistles if they could.  

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Well this museum is pretty close to where I live and even closer to where I'll be staying for 2 weeks in August. I plan to head over there in person to check out the museum and voice my opposition to their new rule. 

Normally I would just boycott a place like this but since no gun signs and policies dont mean anything here in NH I'll be carrying while at the museum regardless of their policy 

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*********JUST MOVE THEY SAID..........


When my son lived in Iowa several years ago (from 2012-2014(?), living history was under attack there too & probably still IS.  You should have seen the look on every face at this one museum tour when I asked "so where is the flintlock Farmer Brown used to feed his family with?".  Then I added, "it belongs right over the bed OR hung over the hearth, LOADED in case trouble OR A MEAL wandered-by".  

"Oh Sir, we were told we had to take it down from the hearth years ago"! 

And these facts come from the same state (IOWA) that pig farmer Joni Ernst launched her campaign for US Senate for by runnin' commercials reminding voters she knows how to castrate hogs!

Yes Glenn, INCREMENTALISM IS EVERYWHERE, and if we don't stop it, your kids won't be able to sniff black powder smoke!  Ernst is still one of the US Senators from Iowa.  She toured Vermeer (where my son worked) after the twister hit last summer.




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