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Weather looked quesitonable but really glad I came.

Was planning on getting in early but woke up when my friend was already parked in my drive way ready to go. lol.  Glad I came.

@Pizza Bob @SgtToadette was a pleasure seeing you again, as always, @Golf battery pleasure meeting you and glad we can get that thing resolved. =)  Looking forward to it.

I did not think my +1 turned into a +3 and with RO shortage we were split up.

In the end, I did end up shooting a stage clean with no mag issues.

Zev OZ9... solid gun... but the magpul mags... eh... no. 

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On 8/3/2019 at 4:05 PM, Golf battery said:

Yes. Good seeing you maks. Thanks for the connection.  Lots of mag issues today  especially on 1911’s    Good times   


what mag issues?

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7 minutes ago, ronhonda said:

what mag issues?

I thought all the mag and ammo issues were on our squad. =P

LOL, the gun ran fine... I just had either mags that would not feed or mags that would feed but not drop free. 

I think this is the most "epic" of my stages...


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    • By Howard
      If anyone cares to see the Area 8 match here is a video of my mediocre performance this past Thursday.  Managed to get 212 Alphas, 7 Betas, 48 Charlies, 3 Deltas and unfortunately 5 Mikes.  At least no procedurals and no no-shoots.  Really did for crap on the first stage I shot (which was stage2), those doors did me in.  Had a heck of a time on the next to last stage I shot too, which was stage 14.  I'll tell you it was a grueling day.  Left the house at about 4:30am and did not get home till 8:30pm.

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      Last week I was down in Florida as all the moons aligned... I had to visit a few clients down there, had to meet a few folks for a business opportunity, wanted to look at some places in case NJ gets really horrible laws..... and the USPSA Area 6 championship just happened to be the same weekend 25 mins away up i-95 in St. Augustine.
      Worked the match on Friday, and shot it over Saturday/Sunday. Holly hell was there rain and mud everywhere. Clean your mags every time they hit the ground.
      Also... why you bring extra ammo.... reshoots. I had to reshoot stage 9, a 32 round stage because during scoring, the score keeping RO lost track and could not find the missing target that he missed scoring. This happened to me and the shooter after. Mandatory reshoots.
      All in all, I feel I shot quite well.... and definitely answered.... Single Stack minor.... the extra 2 rounds are not worth being down 20%, as most stages were quite easy to shoot with 8 round mags too.

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    • Yup, kind of like a gun, no good if it's not loaded and ready to go. My gen is down in FL now but was sure to test it when I bought it down. Put a tri fuel on it about 6 yrs ago and ran strictly on ng during bi annual test runs.  Hasn't seen gasoline since the initial break in so was surprised and pissed it needed a lot of attention to get back running on gas especially since I thought I cleaned the carb out well after the break in. Nothing some Seafoam and tinkering didn't fix and has been fine on gas since. Glad I didn't have to figure that out when it would be needed. Going to invest in a large propane tank once there permanently as ng isn't common like up here.
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