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Shooting at the Cumberland at 600 yards.

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im a current member of the Cumberland in Millville, I love the club. A great place to shoot!

i usually shoot pistol and sometimes 100 yards.

my question is setting up targets at the 600 yard line. Can I use custom targets that stake in the ground? Am I allowed to use the mechanized target system they have and hang a target from that? Is there only certain targets I can use ( no steel)

dont want to break any rules and I’m keen to try out 600 yards.


thanks very much. 




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Goodness, that DOES look like a beautiful range... Lucky guy!

I'm guessing there'll be other Cumberland members on here who will answer your question... but, I'm wondering... didn't they give you some kind of handbook when you joined? Unless I'm wrong, that's pretty common... and they usually have the rules posted somewhere at the range also. Those rules usually are pretty thorough (if not downright anal-retentive) on what you can and cannot do.

Hope you get your answer! :)

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