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Well, if you're not in a big hurry and want to save some money...

I'm selling a Glock pistol prize certificate that I won at the NJ GSSF match in June.  They're transferrable, redeemable through an FFL.  I've used Oakridge Firearms for several of these, both certificates redeemed personally, or sold.

I'm asking $400 for the certificate, which can be redeemed directly for most of the Gen 3, Gen 4 and Gen 5 basic models (G17, 19, 26, 27, 42, 43, etc).   Some models, like the 34, the 10 mm offerings, or the MOS models require the certificate, plus an upgrade fee payable directly to Glock when redeeming the certificate.  Tax is due only on the upgrade fee, not on the certificate itself.  I can PM a copy of the awards firearms order sheet with the details, if anyone is interested.

For a Gen 5 MOS G17 or G19, the upgrade fee is $71, plus the certificate, so $471 plus tax on the $71, and the FFL fee.  No shipping cost.   Buds sells that gun for $620, plus the FFL fee.   The G45 is new enough that it's not on the award order sheet, but I could call or email and find out what the upgrade fee, if any, would be for that model.

The only downside is that Glock never seems to be in a big hurry to send out prize guns.   Expect it to take a couple of months to arrive at the FFL.  But if you're not in a big hurry and want to save some money, PM me.

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The Glock certificate mentioned in post 2 is still available to anyone who wants it.   $400 (no tax, no shipping charge) will get you a brand new Glock (most models).

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