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Action Shooters Supply - Haledon

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Just an FYI:


Action Shooters Supply in Haledon

$38 for ffl on used guns including NICS

$50 for ffl on new guns including NICS

His hours are downright weird, but he's open late on Wednesday and Friday, only a couple hours in the morning on Saturday.

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That's where I bought my XD, his inventory is limited, but constantly changing, it's always neat to stop in and see what he has 'today'. It's actually refreshing to go in there because it just can't get that crowded ;)


He was more than cordial to a NOOB.

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Most dealers are limiting inventory as they can get almost anything from the wholesalers in a day or two. The cost of maintaining a vast inventory is a killer for most of the smaller dealers. A lot up here just joined the Davidson's site and new purchases can be arraigned through the site 24/7. There are just too many makes, models and variations to keep them all in stock. In addition, many of the manufacturers require a certain level of purchases before you are a named dealer. Not times that by four of five major manufacturers and you're now broke....

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