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31 minutes ago, CMJeepster said:

I could build something better for less.

Then what the heck are you doing wasting your time posting on the forum?

Get building.... You'll be RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

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    • Needs a new rope but the pulley is present.    225# rating, 32’ total, 29’ working length, 24’8” max standing height (I don’t quite get that math, that’s just what’s on the label)   it was here when we moved in, I don’t need two.    Basking Ridge. Come get it. 
    • Don't do it, run, run away as fast as you can. Airguns are an addiction. Once you start there's no going back.   You may think you can quit but many before you have failed. Oh you say you just want back yard plinker and pest rifle. Suddenly your back yard will taken over by tin cans and spinner targets. Then you need several air pistols, one won't do because shooting with a buddy is better. What ever you buy first, you'll end up wanting something better as you learn more about airguns. Special tools, spring compressors, tune kits, 200 bar air compressors, bullet molds, there's no end to it. Slowly you'll turn to the dark side, PCP yes PCP as seductive as the drug. Once you shoot one you never want to pump a crappy crosman again. Carbon fiber air tanks will be coveted like Gollum and his presious. The quest for power will take hold. You will seek larger calibers, .25, .308, .458 and .50 cal. Your friends will shake their heads in disbelief and point to their temple as tell them about lunching 400gr slugs with air, not gun powder. No one will believe what you paid for them. You will get the  " you could have bought real guns" line and you won't care. You'll seek larger quarry, make hunting trips to states that allow air gun to be used for deer and hogs. Anybody can shoot a deer with a shotgun, boring. You may get drawn to competitve airgun shooting or collecting antiques from the past, airguns have been around since the 1600's. Your powder burners will be evicted from the safe because the airguns are more valuable. You'll be penny less because there's always a shiny new or old and crusty one to buy. It never ends.   : )
    • Wouldn't be surprised if Joe has a standing reservation in the Vroom Building for his visits to the PRNJ.
    • In that case i'll just hand in a mental health records form when I submit the fingerprinting form just to be safe. edit: Did you get a message telling you that you need to manually fill one in?
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