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Best Shop to sell used or consign? North Jersey

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50 minutes ago, shizzoizzo7 said:

Hi all - I'm looking to sell or consign several items and was looking for recommendations of a shop that either buys used or offers consignment in NNJ?

Thanks in advance

For guns?

If you are looking to sell outright, list them here.  If fairly priced will go quick.

If you go to sell them at a shop, they will buy on the spot but expect about 50% of retail value.

Consignment... depends on how well you know the dealer.  Anywhere from 10% to 25% depending on value, with cheaper guns being more.  Not worth it to them to make $20 on a $200 gun.

Further keep in mind, if you are putting pistols on consignment, if they do not sell and you want to get them back, you WILL NEED NEW PISTOL PERMITS.  In the eyes of the law, when they go to the store and get entered on their books, you need permit to get it back.

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It also depends upon what you are selling and the asking price.

A dealer would be reluctant to take in a consignment on an AR (for example) that you want $900.00 for because you over-paid, but can only get $500.00 on the market - said dealer would sit on the gun forever.

Three rules:

  • Condition
  • Price 
  • Marketability

Good Luck! 

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