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Night Vision for an “average Joe”?

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I’ve been casually interested in getting a night vision device in the past but never got serious about it. 

What are current options/price ranges for NV for an “average Joe” like me? 

I’m thinking of having something in case I hear a big noise outside at midnight and want to look out a window without backlighting myself, possibly a device that can be rifle mounted too.  That means a monocular, right?

Is thermal still an expensive luxury, or are there options that are competitive with “green tubes”?


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There are some cheap options for a few hundred that you can get off amazon if you just want to look out in your yard. I have a buddy who bought a set of binos for $200 or so and they worked much better than I thought. I think the PVS14 is the standard for the [probably above] average Joe. They can be had depending on sales/refurb for $2-3k. I know a couple guys that night hunt coyotes and they swear by them.

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28 minutes ago, DirtyDigz said:

Is thermal still an expensive luxury

Yes and no.  I've been flirting with buying a thermal scope for a couple of years.  The prices have come down quite a bit over the past 5 years and will come down even more when ATN or FLIR get their hands on more advanced tech.  You can get what is now considered a crappy scope for well under $2,000.00, but that same scope 10 years ago probably sold for 7 grand.

I'm waiting for the next best thing to emerge so I can jump on a thermal scope that has a 640 sensor, at least 60fps, and at least a 40mm objective.

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