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HK 416 22LR

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    The firearm you have named is a .22caliber rifle. You won’t need a p2p(permit to purchase). They are only used when buying handguns. Yes will only need FID. No matter how you’re obtaining the rifle. You’ll need to go through a FFL(federal firearms dealer), and pay a transfer fee. The FFL will conduct the mandatory background check through NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System ). 

Side note:

That rifle in normal configuration isn’t NJ Legal. It has an adjustable stock and threaded barrel, “Two evil” features not allowed on a pistol gripped rifle. It would best for you to reach out to an NJ FFL to see if it can be modified to be legal here.

Also read this, will help you greatly: 


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    • I just sent this to the Senators on the committee.   Senators,            The State of New Jersey has gone to extraordinary efforts to prevent it's law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves and further enjoy their 2nd Amendment rights as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution.  When will the madness end?             I certainly don't advocate ANY animal abuse, but S-746, as written, could lead to my gun rights being taken away for something as simple as my dog's water  bowl being empty on a hot summer's day because my child or even my dog inadvertently knocked it over and a nosy neighbor called the police before I took notice and filled the bowl!             The above situation, as ridiculous as it is, has nothing to do with my ability to safely own a firearm, nor should it...but it could!             Please stop using every excuse you can think of to take guns from the hands of the law abiding, yet doing nothing to take them from criminals!  A criminal who robs a liquor store with a gun will, in a plea deal, have the gun charge dropped and be free in 18 months. An innocent person like Shaneen Allen who, with a carry permit in PA crossed into our state and were it not for Governor Christie, would have spent 5 years behind bars for simply not realizing she was leaving A free state and entering one that does not fully recognize our Bill of Rights as most states rightfully do!  I implore you to end the madness now! Respectfully submitted,
    • So, if you go out jogging with your dog, will that be considered inhumane? Better be careful how may times you throw the frisbee for him at the park. How about making him run hard through the woods bird hunting? Some would consider that abuse. How about participation in Agility or K9 obstacle course competitions, where the dog is pushed to perform? Take your dog for a walk on a hot day, and his tongue is hanging out and he's panting heavy.... GUILTY!!!!! Lots of possibilities for Red Flag dog complaints.
    • Thank you! I will ask about the extensions when I go to pick up my permits.  Another option would be applying for a OGAM exception.  That may end up being easier since I think it’s the NJSP and not local PD that approves those.
    • Only for leaving a dog in a car under INHUMANE conditions, no one is going to get in trouble for leaving their dog in a car when it's not to hot or cold out.    4:22-17. a. A person who shall: (1)Overdrive, overload, drive when overloaded, overwork, deprive of necessary sustenance, abuse, or needlessly kill a living animal or creature; (2)Cause or procure, by any direct or indirect means, including but not limited to through the use of another living animal or creature, any such acts to be done; or 3)Inflict unnecessary cruelty upon a living animal or creature, by any direct or indirect means, including but not limited to through the use of another living animal or creature; or unnecessarily fail to provide a living animal or creature of which the person has charge either as an owner or otherwise with proper food, drink, shelter or protection from the weather; or leave it unattended in a vehicle under inhumane conditions adverse to the health or welfare of the living animal or creature--
    • omitting the word "Sanctuary" may be related to how its presently being used in many cites and states, as to support non compliance of Law.
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