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going to gun range in NJ if you DON'T have a car

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Although that question had occurred to me in the past, it seems there are a limited number of people who might choose to walk to the range.   But take the indoor range on Rte 22 behind Harbor Freight.  There are a lot of homes in that area. If I lived nearby I might opt to walk there with my unloaded handgun in its case inside my range bag, which would be over my shoulder.  No padlocks involved.

We have all walked in public with a cased handgun.  From the gun shop to the car for example.  Pretty sure that wasn’t illegal.

If someone has no access to a vehicle and the range is a mile or more away, I would think that is if the gun was cased and the ammo anywhere but in the chamber of the gun, you’d be ok.  But I am not a lawyer and there are also cities and towns In NJ with LEOs that would “roll hard” if you crossed their path in street clothes (non-hunting clothing) and a long gun case in view.


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FWIW I agree with @Kevin125

I have never heard of anyone being arrested walking or taking a bus to a range with their firearm encased and unloaded.  A long gun in a case might set off alarms but it would be legal.

If anyone has heard of anyone arrested under such conditions please enlighten me.

I've only been shooting for over 50 years.


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