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Stafford WMA - Busy on weekends?

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Am thinking of going to Stafford WMA tomorrow.  Will be my first time there.  Mainly plan to shoot clays at the shotgun(clay) range.  Curious how busy it gets there on Saturdays.  Appreciate any info and tips anyone may have.   May also do some shooting at the muzzleloader(rifle) range as well.(Unfortunately was unable to go to the meetup last weekend). 

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It’s not as nice as Clinton. Get there first thing in the morning and you should be gtg.

every 15 minutes is technically a cold range. The clay and muzzle loader/rimfire share the same field. It’s sketchy changing targets at the berm! Enjoy!


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    • Make sure to search Craigslist and e-Bay for "local" people selling their stuff.  Saw these today: https://newjersey.craigslist.org/spo/d/boonton-reloading/7149850366.html https://newjersey.craigslist.org/spo/d/essex-fells-dillon-precision-650xl/7136886841.html
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAHgGsrdXyM He will be missed!    
    • A harsh and unfair assessment of your fellow gun owners. I primarily go to ranges in PA, VA for a number of reasons, non of which are because I am a "complainer", a provocateur, or a "schmuck" as you put it.  The main reasons I prefer out of state ranges are the following: 1. Based on my personal experiences visiting different NJ ranges, I feel that many NJ ranges (owners) cater to LEO's and have little or no respect for people other than the "anointed". Owners/employees of the ranges that I go to are always cordial with me, and seem genuinely happy to see me. Again, this is my personal experience and may not reflect the experience of others here. 2. Ranges in NJ require upwards of 200 dollars and a class before one can exercise the right to draw from a holster. I need no instruction from NJ or it's instructors. What I learned carrying on the streets of PA, FL, VA, combined with my training is more than sufficient.    Ranges in PA, FL, VA etc, allow drawing from the holster without a mandatory overpriced class. Carry in VA for awhile, you will learn real quick! 3. Many ranges out of state allow me to use the range for more than the allotted hour without issue or complaint.  Your comments here show disdain and contempt for your fellow gun owners who you feel are not doing the heavy lifting. You don't know every gun owner in this state and what actions they have taken to improve the 2A in this state. Everyone helps in their own way, and I don't presume to know the actions or inactions of other gun owners. Heavy lifting or not, we have less gun rights now than we did just a few years ago. No chance or hope of conceal carry/open carry in NJ, and no cases before the supreme court. There have been no gains in terms of 2A rights in this state, nada, zilch!  Mrs. Peel makes a valid point, but I argue whether supporting these NJ ranges, and  their sometimes (nebbish) owners, will somehow translate into a restoration of our rights. What we need is either massive civil disobedience, or a major shift in NJ government. Please stop with the belittling comments as they serve no useful purpose, let's try to uplift our fellow gun owners.         
    • $10 to $12 for a box of 50 rounds of .45ACP is dirt cheap!
    • Except her life. Accidents happen.
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