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(Traded away)WTT DDS Hard Charger for a standard CH

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Looking to trade my Devil Dog Concepts Hard Charger for a standard charging handle. This is a drop in replacement for a mil spec charging handle that will turn your AR into a non- reciprocating, side-charger. Looking for a standard mil spec charging handle of any brand. Location: Western Monmouth County. Would prefer to keep it local to my area. 


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    • VLADTEPES said "you support one of the largest anti gun machines to ever exist... the NJ government through your tax dollars.. which is exactly why I left NJ.. worrying about dicks sporting goods while living under the oppressive NJ government is like worrying about a faucet in your house dripping while the entire second floor is engulfed in flames.." Says you who lives in Pennsylvania and belongs to a NJGunforum??? So you just decided to personally attack me cuz deep down it hurts to know your supporting an anti 2nd amendment retailer? Moderators are here to moderate or attack posters? I notice JackDaWack is of the simular opinion as I, yet you didnt comment or attack his post. Wonder why that is? Last I checked yer Federal tax $$$ are used in the House of reps everyday, whenever they can thwart your 2nd amendment rights they do and will. Oh wait thats right you live in Pennsylvania, They are exempt from Federal law I fergot. While Im at it why is someone from Pennsylvania a Moderator on a NJ Gunsforum?  Maybe you should go find a Pennsylvania Gun Forum to Moderate. So you wouldnt have to read from all of Us NJ taxpayers who support an anti gun State such as NJ.
    • Call me old fashion but expired means expired. Unless Murphy has some type of agreement with all the other states I don’t how that works?  If you think about it you could only bring certain docs in to qualify for the 6 point ID system otherwise they will bust your balls and you’re not getting a DL renewal. Fast forward to today and now it’s OK to have an expired DL to drive or for ID. I understand they have to do something but it goes against their own logic and makes NO sense. I would just say to anyone traveling beyond the tri-state area I would check with those states before hitting the road with an expired NJ CDL or DL.  PA and NY might give NJ drivers a pass but I wouldn’t count on the rest of the county doing the same unless someone could prove otherwise.  
    • Wish I could get carded to buy booze, miss them days
    • Same here, though I'm leaving "the hood" shortly. Finally got into senior housing in Cherry Hill, so I'll be out of here by end of the month. Staying in the prnj because my kids and grandkids are here. And remember what grandkids are ... ... they're the reward you get for not having strangled your teenagers!
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