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    • Did you actually read the entire article? Apparently not. Here are a few other points in the article: ....." Historically, in the United States and around the world, household debt has been at its highest when the unemployment rate has been at its lowest. But that doesn’t mean the credit card debt itself is good news. It’s time for a history, economics, and psychology lesson. The high levels of consumer debt show that there may be trouble ahead. This doesn’t mean that credit card debt isn’t a serious problem for American families: it absolutely is! In 2006 and 2007, like now, the unemployment rate was low and fairly steady, hovering at or below 5%. But consumers weren’t using their paychecks to pay off their debt — and the strength of the economy meant that lenders felt comfortable taking greater risks, That helps to explain why high levels of debt occur at the same time as low unemployment. But these researchers also found that the high levels of debt eventually forced economies to contract, because payments became too hard for borrowers to manage. the higher levels of lending and borrowing make both banks and families feel wealthier than they truly are. “With credit plentiful, borrowers typically spend more than is sustainable, giving them the appearance of being prosperous. In turn, lenders who are enjoying the good times are more complacent than they should be. But debts can’t continue to rise faster than the money and income that is necessary to service them forever,” writes Dalio. When the amount of debt in the economy starts to exceed what families can realistically repay, everybody suffers. Put simply: the high level of debt in the economy doesn’t mean we’ve hit “rock bottom.” It actually means we’re reaching the peak: the high level of debt means that things can only go downhill from here. That’s occasionally true, but when you look across the economy as a whole, we usually see the exact opposite phenomenon: families get into high-interest credit card debt as the economy grows, and then have to struggle to pay it back at the exact same time that the job market is tightening. " So, @JackDaWack, please share with us this economic theory again that "Factually speaking, debt is used as a vector for economic growth for both the public and private sectors..." You also might want to read the COMPLETE article that you post....., for facts.... 
    • There's been no updates to his condition, after all this time. It's not looking good....  My guess, he has severe head injuries or a major spinal cord injury. If you look at the picture below, the whole top of the driver compartment was crushed. There isn't a lot of headroom in there, and Newman isn't a small guy. Blocking is the SOP on these types of racing. They don't have a choice if they want to win. All the drivers need to step up and force NASCAR to change the rules, this door to door racing tears up way too much equipment and injuries too may drivers.  
    • First thing I would like to know is where do these 2,700 people who responded to this survey live. Do they live in NYC, LA, Northern Jersey, or do they live in the south or mid-west? If they live anywhere in the northeast or west coast then I can see how this might be true since living expenses are often greater then salaries. A person making $100,000 in NYC is A LOT worse off then someone making the same salary in South Carolina for example. Another issue I see, as many have already mentioned, is personal habits of these people. I can tell you from personal example of my own. I had a few friends, liberals, hence the emphasis on HAD, with similar salaries as my wife and I that would eat at expensive restaurants at least 3 times a week while my wife and I shopped for food at shoprite and used coupons. Needless to say they were always crying how they always had money problems and couldn't even get a mortgage because their credit was crap. While my wife and I both have new cars, fully paid off, and a mortgage that is almost paid off, and perfect credit on top of that. So just because 2,700 people have trouble living paycheck to paycheck, that is absolutely no indication of the economy as a whole. As a matter of fact, I do believe that this is another attempt by the libs to paint a bad picture of the economy.
    • Yeah, it was hilarious.    The Magpul magwell needs a little massage work to make mags seat reliably.    A little work on the magwell part with some sandpaper makes everything ok. No more dropping mags. 
    • I can see why people are celebrating the tabling of one bill. However, I think they are victims of the usual gun grabbers play/ploy. They propose something really bad and when they give up on it, even for a while, we declare victory even though the other less bad, but bad nonetheless, bills pass.   There were 3 other bills that were passed. This wasn't a victory, just a less bad defeat - for now. The bill was tabled, not voted down.
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