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Central Jersey Rifle & Gun Club

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On 10/20/2020 at 4:52 PM, M4BGRINGO said:

Look at Old Bridge Rifle and Pistol Club also.

For me, Central Jersey (Jackson) and OB are two of the best clubs in that area. They have a lot of different types of competitions if you are into that sort of thing. I thought OBRPC opened their events to the public again, I could be wrong. I was a member there for years.

They each have their good and bad, so check them carefully, neither is cheap to join. Check each clubs website and see what competitions are open to the public and go to each club, that way you can see the entire facility.

never heard of obrpc

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1 hour ago, Smokin .50 said:

Really?  That's SAD considering they've been around since the 60's...


never and family, when they moved from the kraut section of the bronx eons ago, are from old bridge, and I know the area very well.

not once have I ever heard of this place. I did look it up after seeing your post.  Seems like a nice place

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OBRPC has 2 locations, an outdoor range facility on Jake Brown Rd (Behind Blonder-Tongue, one of my suppliers in a past life, and a 24/7 indoor range nearby.

Best part about being a member with access to the 24/7 indoor range is that you're ALWAYS on your way to the range with the unloaded handguns in your trunk!

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