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    • By robinzon
      Hey all,
      I am really busy these days was wondering if anyone has the new Fair lawn permit applications scanned or PDFed somewhere. I have the old packet but it has changed.
    • By Midwest
      Hearings for the 1966 FID Law March 2 1966
      Here is the link to the pdf of the actual hearings for A165 Public Hearing for the proposed Sills Act for the Firearms ID law on march 2 1966. Find out who opposed the law, who supported it, who attended the hearings, the politics of the time surrounding the proposal. Find out who Arthur Sills is and how he changed the way firearms were bought in New Jersey.
      This has been uploaded to Google Drive, made public and the link is below.
      In addition, for those wishing to do more research on the history on New Jersey's Gun Laws. The two links below should be helpful.
    • By byekryam
      Greetings to everyone from NNJ, I'm new to this forum. Glad to see a forum where someone can come for a gun related question.
      I am a flood victem and have lost my firearms ID card. I read on the NJ state police web site that I can go there and get a duplicate card, but then when speaking to my local town PD, they state that I have to go through them and go through the whole process again (3 month process with fees) in order to get a duplicate card. I called the state police and they aren't sure which is correct. I'm going to go there tomorrow (state police barracks in Totowa) and find out. Does anyone have any knowledge on this, which is correct?
      Also, is there a place online that I can look up my firearms ID number just to get the number? We've run out of money because of having to lift the house because of numerous floods, and have to sell off some firearms in order to pay for a couple of bills.
      Any info would be helpful,
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    • TMI !!!!!..... Mind bleach.  MIND BLEACH NOW!!!
    • Screw this virus.  Looking forward to the first clay shoot after life returns to normal.  I'm gonna be hugging EVERYONE! Hope that's uplifting enough. "Hugs and slugs" next title for next clay shoot!
    • Welcome and thank you to you and your family for their service. After the world returns to normal ya' all should come out to one of the "Shotgun Shoot Outs" (clay shoots at Wildlife Management Areas).  LOTS of fun.  You don't need a shotgun.  Just bring clays and shells.  Plenty of people will share.
    • yes it is.. sent it to a "smith" in Louisiana.. it was one of the ONLY times I ever sent my gun out for work.. turns out this guy had some hobbies.. and decided to pawn it for $200.... and then sold the pawn ticket to someone else.. that went and picked it up.. it was a real mess.. they didn't charge him because he ended up having a stroke shortly after he screwed me.. the detective said we can charge him.. but no judge will put him in jail.. he would be dead before the trial..  so they recovered the gun.. and shipped it back to me... I honestly never thought I would see it again.. 
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