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Looking for a revolver gunsmith

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There are several that I could recommend, but my perspective is from a DA revolver, not sure about their experience with SA revolvers. It may be something simple, in which case they could easily handle it. But if it is a malady specific to SA revolvers, it should be done by a SA specialist.

For diagnosis and evaluation of the complexity of repair: Pinnacle High Performance in Quakertown, PA. I' d call first and see if he even wants to be involved. If yes, it is easily drivable. While I haven't used Mark at PHP, I know a number of people that have and are very satisfied.

If it requires a specialist, there is a Colt SA repair & restoration specialist named David Lanara in Ohio. I have no experience with him, so do some due diligence.


Pizza Bob

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Pizza Bob is on point.

There are several SASS clubs in NJ, and I'm sure what ever happened to your SA has happened to others' in the past.  I'd seek those SASS folks out as a resource that might be able to point you in a "single" direction :) 


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