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Can I travel to Upstate NY with my hand guns, and ammo?

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13 minutes ago, SMOKIE901 said:

My question is, can I travel with my hand gun, and ammo from NJ to Upstate NY where I want to shoot on my cousins 30 acres of private land? 

Not legally....AFAIK.

No handguns to NY state....and as @Displaced Texanhas said..if you do don't get caught.


I live right over the border and there is a nice indoor range in Goshen...no NJ handguns allowed.

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Just now, PK90 said:

No handguns allowed in NY without a NY Permit.

There is at least one exemption, for competition.  It needs to be an approved match (not sure who approves them) and you need to bring with you a copy of the match bulletin, and possibly proof of entry.  Under those circumstances, and assuming the gear is NY legal, you can bring a handgun into the state (but not into NYC) for the match.  

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26 minutes ago, SMOKIE901 said:

I know my buddy always takes his shot guns, and rifles with him to NY from NJ which might be a different NY law then taking hand guns?

Anyone know if this is legal to do? 

A shotgun or rifle to private land to shoot is not an issue..BUT...  be aware of the NYSafe Act...


Don't bring your NJ compliant AR to ny...cause it is not compliant with ny current law.

42 minutes ago, The_Matrix said:

why is it illegal?  I see NJ folks at PA ranges.

What does, what is legal to do in PA, have to do with what is legal in NY?

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On 12/11/2019 at 10:43 PM, JackDaWack said:

Every handgun present in NY has to be registered 

and NY does not allow you to register a handgun with them unless you have a house or business in NY.


The exemptions for shooting matches are very limited


NY handgun laws make NJ look good...............

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You cannot bring a handgun into NYS unless it is listed on your NYS pistol permit. As was previously mentioned you need to own or rent a residence in NYS and then apply for a permit in the county where the residence is located. Depending on where this is it could be a simple or arduous process.

According to NYS law you are not allowed to touch a handgun unless you have a permit. The only exemption is at an approved range with an approved instructor. NRA certification is acceptable.

Long guns are OK as long as they are NY legal which means only one feature. A removable magazine is a feature so you can imagine what modern sporting rifles look like.

To avoid the constant swapping of parts I just built a NYS legal lower.

On the plus side a permit is called a License to carry pistol. This means that unless the issuing authority usually a judge puts administrative restrictions on your permit you can carry a concealed firearm anywhere but the five boroughs.

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