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If You’ve Always Wanted a Colt Python...

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Not only problems with the muzzle finish.

Reports of light primer strikes. Also cases where the cylinder doesn't rotate! Ever a Hickok45 video where his didn't rotate.

I really want one but glad I'm gonna wait til they correct all these problems.

Yep....don't think these will affect the original Python's that much

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5 hours ago, RUTGERS95 said:

I think of bigger name manufactuers/models, only the 1911 and the cz 75 came to mkt with no 'issues' for what it's worth but the hysterics over this is beyond absurd

Agree 100%

I'm a big Colt fan and going to get one but willing to wait until any problems are resolved.

What people are paying on Gunbroker is nuts!

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Just curious as to why people say they can’t do a Royal Blue finish?

I’m a little behind on my American Rifleman mag, reading April 2019, and there’s an article about a company, U.S. Armament Corp getting permission from Colt to build a “limited quantity” of the Colt 1903. The article says it will come in “Blue, Parkerized, Nickel or Royal Blue finishes.”

If they can do Royal Blue on these, why can’t Colt do them on their new Pythons?

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