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    • My last round via NJSP Hamilton (Mercer Co). Applied online 11/12. Emails that my references completed the surveys on 11/12 & 11/13. Email criminal history completed 11/16. Voicemail (I missed the call) from Trooper to my cell on 11/21, he was "having trouble verifying my employment". He called one of my references (happens to be a coworker) the same day; asked him if he knew where I worked, he said yes, we work together and told him where. Trooper thanked him and that was that. I spoke to the Trooper that day, claimed my company would not verify my employment w/out release letter from me. Said the confirmation from my coworker was sufficient. Email I was approved 11/24. Phone call from Trooper to pickup my permits 12/2. Without digging out the permits to check the date for verification, they were dated closer to 11/24 than 12/2. They were however already extended to 6 months. I paid no additional fees when I picked them up, which surprised me. The prior time, I handed in a check when I picked them up, the following week I got a call telling me I had to come in to pay for the permits (that I already picked up). I told him I gave a check. Never heard back, a few days later the check cleared my bank. I have my doubts on the chain of events on the whole letter from my company story, but I was not going to create waves. I never had an issue before. I think where I erred was by giving my desk # on the application. I am NEVER at my desk and do not get notifications when there is a VM. I later checked that line and there was a VM from the Trooper on 11/13 (I was also on vaca during that time), telling me I had to go to the Barracks and sign a release letter. Lessons learned: do not use desk # on application, check for VM daily during application process anyway. Always use coworker as a reference.  
    • Seriously... MOVE. Fuck this state and the nazi assholes that run the small local gestapo offices.
    • All good, look like my 2!  Lol.  My son will be building his first AR with dad saturday night after skiing!!!!!
    • https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/DRCCLACBS Wow look at that..... debt is up but people are still paying it off....  I already posted the data for student loans being paid off at record rates... the sad part is you think a record number of people are paying it down in a bad economy...  Remind us all how people working is a bad thing? Youre basing your entire arguments around total debt, and are completely ignoring that a majority of americans are able to pay it down... meeting their payments.   So I've provided you data on home mortgages, credit cards, and students loans. Which all see low delinquency rates... no where near recession levels.. while auto loans may be the highest, the economy isnt dependent on 7 million people defualting on a car loan, out of 300million registered vehicles.   How is that a bad economy?        
    • Oh my, your assertion is wrong again... ...." Debt from credit cards hit a record high in 2019, driven by young borrowers and aggressive spending, according to The Wall Street Journal. Despite a healthy economy and robust job market, the number of people who fell behind on payments increased.  Serious delinquent credit card debt is classified as payments that are late by 90 days or more. That number went up to 5.32 percent in Q4, the highest it has been in about eight years — it was 5.16 percent in Q3. The rate for serious delinquency among borrowers aged 18 to 29 years went up almost 10 percent to its highest level since Q4 of 2010 at 8.91 percent." Really, you got that from the record level of delinquencies? The topic wasn't the "majority", please keep focused and don't pull a Greenday Straw man. In your "Best Economy Ever", most benchmarks of economic stability in families have been heading SOUTH, in some cases, approaching levels close to the previous recession. Somehow, you still think people are in the best economic shape ever.  Funny, I'm STILL waiting for you to post the FIRST chart or data link to support your hyperbole and narrative. All I've seen is the Greenday shuffle, all assertion and no data.... just null posts... that just confirms to me, you got nothin... Sad...
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