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I went to the range a few days ago shopping for a new CC Gun. I rented the Sig P365, P365 SAS and Springfield Hellcat and shot them side by side.  After 200 rounds it was the P365.  I really wanted to like the Hellcat but I shot the Sig so much better.   I can't believe for a mirco gun how well the Sig Shoots.  Another plus when I got home I found the P365 fits perfect in my Glock 42 Holsters.   Florida was very easy to buy. The range waved the rental fee on the 3 guns because I was going to buy.  As long as you have a home here Florida considers you a duel resident.   Just a background check, a copy of your CWFL and you out the door. I hate to have to go back to the Peoples Republic of NJ in a few months. 

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