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Ruger PC Carbine #19126 Compliant "Out Of Box"?

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I was wondering if this specific model Ruger PC Carbine #19126 is NJ compliant "out of the box"


I am interested in one, but I have some local places telling me that they cannot come close to the price of $650 that I got because they have to make it NJ compliant by pinning the stock.  Does this not come with a fixed stock that would not need to be pinned? Apparently it does not have a threaded barrel either, so we should be good.

Hoping for an expert opinion...


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I get it.. That's what I am trying to determine. If the 19126 is NJ compliant out of the box. 


I was not showing local gun stores this picture, they told me they would need to order one and then make it NJ compliant. But if the stock is fixed then would it not already be? 

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Not to hijack the topic but how do people like their PCs? I’ve shot 9mm carbines before and enjoyed them so thinking of adding one to the collection. I have a Sec9 and since it takes the same mags I figure this one is a good choice. 

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Took mine to the range for the first time on Saturday. After getting the Aimpoint T2 sighted in at 25yards I was putting every round through the same hole off of a rest. Plenty accurate I would say.

The stock is pinned at the longest setting from the factory and there is no easy way to change it. I ordered a Lage fixed stock and MCX adapter to shorten up the length of pull. It is perfect for me now. Plus it made the rifle a bit lighter as the Lage stock is polymer.

Another bit of info is that the Aimpoint T2 in a Scalarworks mount will not fit on the rail above the receiver on this rifle. The wheel on the side of the mount sits below the rail enough that it will not fit on this particular rifle. I had to get a Daniel Defense micro mount. 

Hope this info can be helpful to some.

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