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Did Scalia Botch Heller?

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Antonin Scalia was certainly my favorite SCOTUS justice. And we're all familiar with the Heller decision which, at the time, we hailed as a breakthrough for our 2A protection.

Now, twelve years later, we have to ask was the Heller decision decisive enough? And more disappointingly we have to ask if Scalia undermined his own decision.

Hindsight has certainly shown that Heller didn't stop gun control in its tracks. If court support is going to do that we must have a much more aggressive and definitive decision.

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21 hours ago, RUTGERS95 said:

strict scrutiny is needed.  I think the VA stuff is real interesting and the threat of violence may just push the SC our way.  In the end, the court knows the law abiding citizens and stats of it all

We will never get absolute strict scrutiny. Nothing really has. Hopefully we get a solid legal test that reigns this bullshit in and lets things calm down. 

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