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Looking for some .30 luger (7.65 Parabellum) and/or 7.62 Tokerav

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    • By Maksim
      I have 5 boxes of Winchester 95 Grain Ranger and 85 grain Silvertip Super-X 380 Ammo.
      Ranger - $25 per box ($30 seems to be retail/street)
      SuperX Silvertip - $30 per box ($40 seems to be retail)
      Take the 5 for $130.


    • By 0Jeep4
      Inquired some ammo I don’t have any use for any questions feel free to ask. Located Monmouth County would prefer not to ship. Attached are pictures if you need or want more lmk. 
      (Would need matching FID, ID for pistol round sale pre law)
      12 Gauge Shot Gauge
      (107rd Win dove&quail) ( 10rd Win 3in sabot slug)(5rds Win 3in 00 buck) (4rd  Bri 3in sabot slug)( 7rds Rottweil 3in magnum)(2rd win supreme high impact) ( 2rd rem 6underline)
      50rd American Eagle in box 230gr fmj
      also have 8 loose rds of .45 not sure what brand etc. 


    • By Maksim
      Palmetto is having more ammo sales that are even better with Vista/Federal rebates.
      Case of Blazer Brass, 9mm 115 grain, $169.99 free shipping, minus $20 rebate which brings it to $149.99 for 1,000 rounds, or 20 boxes.

      PSA Link
      For 5.56/223, there is Federal XM855LC1, FMJBT, Steel Core on stripper clips, with ammo can!  $139.99 with free shipping, minus $21 rebate for $118.99 for the package, or $5.66 per box with free ammo can.

      PSA Ammo Link
    • By Maksim
      Following up on the 223 deal, Vista (owner of Federal brands and others) has just launched a $400 rebate for handgun ammo.
      The rebate is $1 per box of 9mm, and $.2 per round of any other caliber.
      Natchez has a 20 round case for $169.99, on sale from $219.99.  Add to it the rebate and it comes down to $7.49 per box of 9mm.
      Until the end of today, $5 shipping with coupon code FR18125.
      Link to Deal
      Link to Rebate
      Maximum rebate of $400, or 400 boxes of 9mm, 200 boxes of others. 
    • By Maksim
      Let the crazy deals on Ammo begin.  Seems like Vista (owner of Federal) needs to make their numbers so the rebates are out in full force.
      Free shipping on 25 boxes or more.   Rebate is $.05 per round or $1 per box.  Must buy at least 15 boxes for the rebate.  Maximum rebate is $500 or 500 boxes.

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    • I get the the 92x performance model.. it really was a nice redesign..    I dont understand that 92x standard models... there are so many variations of the 92 im not sure what niche their trying to fill here. An m9a3 is basically the same thing.. and you get tritium sights with it.
    • Correct. Advising OP not to strip it down to save on shipping. I know I would think about it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 
    • I screwed rubber from a mountian bike tire to the rear wheels of my daughters power wheels jeep. Before the forest roads opened for the summer up here I let her drive it for a few miles (I carried an extra battery) up and down one of the closed roads. She had a blast 
    • Probably better off posting the question either on the Quadratec board, or Wrangler forum.
    • Side question for TJ owners. Anyone have an aftermarket cat back exhaust? My stock muffler is rusted out and won't pass inspection. I'm looking for something that sounds close to stock but preferably made of stainless 
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